As Term 4 slowly creeps up on us I’d like to review the idea of goal setting. There are all types of gaols one can set including personal, academic, friends, community, sport, work, or even money. No matter what kind of goals one sets you must always remember to make them SMART Goals.

Try setting some SMART academic goals you can work towards in this final term

smart goal setting conceptSpecific rather than general (“I want to achieve above an 80% average in English” – NOT “I want to do well in English”).

Measurable (steady increase that you can see  such as grades for Maths if you achieve 60%, then you aim to increase to 65%, next to 67%, and then 70%, 75%, 77% and finally 80%).

Achievable for you at this time and at this level (don’t aim for 100% when your current average in only 60% – go slow over time).

Relevant to you, for you.

Timed to a deadline, you don’t want it to take forever!

Thanks for reading 🙂

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