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I am an Education Consultant, Casual Relief Teacher, teaching associate at Monash University and PhD student with a Bachelor of Education (Arts and Crafts), a Masters in Educational Leadership and a Post Grad in Education Research. I have held various leadership positions and taught in schools for almost 30 years mainly in the areas of Visual Arts and Religious Education. I have also taught Junior History and Italian. Some years ago I developed a Learning Program to enable students and teachers to experience success and take control of their own learning. I facilitate workshops for Critical Agendas and have run programs in many schools and with undergraduate teachers.  Recently, I developed a coaching model for teachers based on ideas developed through AITSL , CEM and Growth Coaching International.

My thesis is in the area of special needs investigating the collaborative structures necessary for teachers and learning support officers (paraprofessionals) in creating and maintaining optimal learning environments.

I am a highly skilled and committed educator with high expectations who seeks new challenges in order to fully extend myself as an educational leader. I am overtly student focused and work tirelessly to provide supportive environments that are motivating, challenging and safe so that students can achieve their full potential. I am a visionary leader and have a proven track record in working collaboratively within a school community. I am a trustworthy professional and possess outstanding communication skills used to develop meaningful relationships with all stakeholders.

I am committed to the professional learning of staff and believe that it should be paramount in all schools as we journey through 21st Century learning. I prepare and facilitate workshops to support colleagues, students and parents so we may develop skills and model and instill a love of life-long learning for everyone.

For more information visit my website: www.joprestia.com.au


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2 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hello Jo,

    Just a thanks for reading and liking my post ‘ managing the Phd’ i wrote for Patter on Jan 16. As an educator, do you use mindfulness in your teaching?


  2. Hi Donna,
    Not a problem. I really did enjoy reading and reflecting. As for mindfulness, I have used it with students through meditation and discussion. I had one particular class as a CRT where the senior girls were really nervous about an upcoming assessment later in the day so I used part of the class time to quieten them and help them meditate. It was very positive. I run workshops for educators and try to do something around mindfulness and having them reflect.

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