What do Year 7 students say about my Learning Program?

sixhatsAfter running my Learning Styles program over a year with my Yr 7 class I asked them to reflect using the 6 de Bono Thinking Hats. Here’s what they said:

“I think overall learning styles is really helpful because you know how you prefer to learn and it really helps. I don’t think there is anything negative about learning styles because some people may have lots of trouble at school and maybe that is only because of the way they learn. I have learnt how to adapt to different ways of learning. It has really helped me.”


“The summary is that as a K/T [Kinesthetic/Tactile] I can do work to my advantage and I have learnt loads of stuff about my learning styles. It has been boring, as well as exciting. I have learnt about my learning styles, as well as others, which is quite cool.”


“I have found Learning Styles is hard and confusing but is really interesting to learn how people learn and how you as an individual learn.”


“… I think teachers should learn the way we learn because it would help not only them but us as well.”


“…I think Learning Styles is great for both teachers and students. It makes classes fun and exciting and a great place to be. Being a Learning Styles class we can share our ideas and make it suit everybody’s styles….”


“Overall I think that learning styles has more positive than negative things. You might think that an activity is boring or there is no point doing it, but someone else might like it because it is their preferred style. Everyone has different styles and that’s why learning styles is useful”


“I think learning styles has nothing negative because everything you don’t like somebody else does like. They help you learn about your styles and others (like teachers) learn about your styles and help you learn.”


“I think it’s very important that the teachers help because then we can learn more things about all of our school subjects and what we’re doing.”


“This journey about learning styles has been fun, boring and also exciting. Learning not only about my learning styles but also other learning styles has been great. The fact that I have changed from tactile/kinesthetic to auditory/verbal has helped me understand how to adapt to the teacher’s way of teaching not only the way I learn. I hope that further on in my journey I can learn more about learning styles.”

If you would like to know how it can work in your classroom or school please drop me a line and we’ll talk! Visit my website for details.

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