5 top tips to try in your classes this week

take-a-smile1. Surprise them – Greet each student individually at the door, ask them how their day has been – smile!!

2. Be unpredictable – Post a sign on the door asking your students to meet you in some other place around the school – preferably where you have never held a class before! AND tell them to RUN!

3. Ignite their curiosity – Instead of giving the late student the third degree, make a fuss about how happy you are that they have finally made it and how sorry you are that they missed the best part of the lesson…then just continue on with the class without faltering!

late4. Connect with them – speak and/or make eye contact with each student in the class – three times – remember that some students have difficulty meeting your gaze, ensure that you are not making them uncomfortable but rather think of some other way to make contact, maybe you could ask them to show you their learning, or ask them a direct question about that learning once the class has settled into the task-at-hand.

5. Change your tune – instead of calling it WORK call it LEARNING – see what happens.

Drop me a line and tell me how it went… 🙂

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