Are boys’ brains different from girls’ brains?

Where would you stand on the following statements?

  • People react differently to girl and boy babies (agree/disagree)
  • One year olds don’t distinguish between boys’ and girls’ toys (agree/disagree)
  • Five year old girls play with both boys’ and girls’ toys alike (agree/disagree)
  • Environments bias boys’ and girls’ behaviour (agree/disagree)

This is an interesting scientific exploration by Lise Eliot of the differences between boys and girls that breaks down damaging gender stereotypes – Pink Brain Blue Brain

Click on photo below to view the video. You can watch the whole 40 min or jump to sections that interest you.

Pink brian blue brain








It is rather interesting returning to a girls’ school after many years absence. The last five have been spent in a co-ed school and prior to that 18 years in boys’ schools. It was back in 1987-89 that I taught all girls. Of course it’s very different today in that technology plays a very big part in learning life, but still, they have certain preferences and behave differently to the girls in co-ed schools. I was fascinated to watch them today after explaining to them their journeys task.


Around the room I had prepared bits and pieces from the life and time of St Paul the Apostle and at each station I wanted them to reflect on aspects from the time in relation to their own life. So, for example, when Christians were pining the loss of Paul I wanted them to tell the story of a time when they too had experienced loss in their life. It didn’t have to be a death as such but just about a loss. I got some amazing responses, some very deep and personal reflections about their loss. Another asked them to tell of a journey on which they had been. The girls’ responses were so varied and yet so personal that I felt very privileged to have had the opportunity to read their responses.

I’ve been at this school just two weeks and yet I feel that I have been there forever. I’m going to enjoy this journey even if it is for only a short little while.

Thanks for reading 🙂