Don’t read anything into this – I just love the song

#Edublogsclub Prompt 18 asks us to write a post that uses art, music, or poetry. I’ve decided to cover all three in this post, just because…


As an art teacher, I very often use images in teaching and learning. In fact, many of my posts already speak about how I use visual art in my practice, in various subjects and workshops. I love taking students and workshop participants on journeys using art.

I caught the incurable travel bug about ten years ago and have since taken off many times, mainly to Europe. In our family, we have a rule about travelling – one may re-visit a place again and again but there must always be the addition of a visit to a new destination on every trip. We also have this other little rule – what you buy you carry – oh and one last expectation – that one will maintain a journal while away.

Over the years my own journals have become places to which I escape during the times when I am not able to travel. They do not so much describe the places I visited or the things I saw but they hold my thoughts, emotions and learnings. Many times I represent these emotions through drawings and colour and add text only where necessary. The text is usually constructed using letters carefully torn from flyers, magazines and newspapers at my disposal. While I’m away I love returning at the end of each day and pouring my experiences into the pages of my journal.

Sea of Galilee, Israel


Battle of the Somme, France WWI



I’m not big on poetry, I don’t think I have ever written a poem as such but I have encouraged students to do it via a visual prompt and the last time I did it my students created some wonderful writing.

Poetry prompt (image credit: Good vs. Evil by *ArtAnda)

The angel inside us (written by Yr 8 student)


What then of music? Well I can’t say I have a favourite band or artist but I do love certain songs that mainly happened a long time ago, like this one:

Don’t read anything into this – I just love the song. For me, it’s about realising dreams, moving on but never forgetting from where we came.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Don’t read anything into this – I just love the song

  1. Jo,
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful images and ideas. I love the “rules” your family had for traveling. What a great idea to keep a journal. I have keep journals off and on over my life, but I have too many that I didn’t keep track of over the years. I can’t reminisce about my trips or other memories. It’s good you’ve kept them.

    I hope you will write some poetry! You can start with the easy poetry forms on the blog post of mine that you read today. ( For others who might see this: )

    I took a few minutes to listen to the video you posted. I like that song too, and I liked the movie, as well. (That dates me!)


  2. I love the idea of your journal. I recently returned from Japan and whilst there met a gentleman that was maintaining a journal. I was so envious; he had drawings, stamps, notes, tickets etc. I will certainly do this next trip and I will abide by your rule of going to somewhere new.

    • Great to hear – I tell you Cath you won’t regret keeping a journal and certainly the idea of somewhere new keeps it interesting and widens the net. Have fun! Thanks for reading and posting 🙂

  3. I too, love your journal idea, looking back I wish I would have kept a journal as my kids were growing up. I did think to make a book with the photos and stories of a recent trip my husband and I took through the Western United States. It made a great gift for him.
    Funny, he also loves Route 66 so much that I actually bought a travel scrapbook that two sisters created on that road when it first opened. You just never know where your journals might end up!
    Thank you for sharing both your idea and your artwork, which I LOVED!
    Rachelle R. Turner

    • Thanks for reading -I’m glad you enjoyed it! Great idea about the album – I’m also fascinated about the journal you bought – hmmm could be something to think about.
      Happy travels Rachelle! 🙂

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