Quilting a bricolage: Step One



I took yesterday’s blog hour off firstly because it was my birthday but more importantly, I was preparing for my first PhD milestone – Confirmation – which happened this morning. I have never been as nervous about anything before – so nervous in fact that my palms were sweaty! Of course once I got into it all was fine and even though I say this myself I was quite pleased with how it went. Turns out the panel did too! They passed me with no amendments, although they did offer some ideas that they encouraged me to think about – but otherwise – first milestone – PASSED! Yayyy!

Long way to go yet but apparently this hurdle is the most difficult and I’m glad it worked out because after two years of reading, thinking, writing, doubting, celebrating, doubting, thinking, doubting, writing 10, 000 word proposal, doubting, doubting, doubting (get the picture?), I would have been devastated if they had dismissed my proposal completely or even if I had to drastically change some aspect. I’m so invested in it I think I would have cried – although I’ll admit I did well up when they accepted my proposal without amendments. I can’t wait to get in there and begin data collection. My next step is to get ethics approval forms ready and submitted! I’ll keep you posted.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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