4 thoughts on “Study skills

  1. As a student, i thought the powerpoint was so cool 😀 i could relate to it and found out some handy tips on how to study better 😀 I thought the pictures were great and cleverly used 😀

  2. I feel that it is vital for students to identify how they learn, and use it to their advantage.
    This slideshow helps students like myself to easily do so, and as a current VCE student, I look forward to the insightful advice this blog can give me about my future studies.

  3. These are some really useful techniques Jo and can easily be applied! Awesome stuff! As a student, really relatable as well! =)

  4. I found your slideshow informative and interesting! I learnt what type of learner I am. The information was set out in a fun and easy to understand way. You have also given me some new ideas for more effective studying! Thank-you Jo, I look forward to more study tips on your wonderful site.

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