How many words does a selfie say?

Here we go, prompt number 4 in the #edublogsclub challenge. I’m chuffed to be able to keep up so far!

This week’s prompt asks us to write a post that includes an image.

Arena di Verona, July 2016

As soon as I read it this above image came to mind. I’m going to keep this simple so you won’t be reading anything about photo etiquette or copyright law. If I use someone else’s photo I always state my source if I can find it, or at least credit where I got it.

This above photo was taken as part of our ‘selfie’ collection from our European trip in 2016 with the edition of a prisma transformation. Taking a selfie every now and again makes us laugh so hard and keeps our two daughters back home entertained. You can see we aren’t very good at it – well at least I’m not. I just don’t get it but it makes for quite interesting and always hilarious attempts. I keep most of them and this happens to be one of my very favourites.

It captures everything about the moment my husband and I were standing outside the Arena in Verona, Italy. We had just purchased tickets to see Aida that night in the Arena. It was a beautiful hot day, reflected with my fiery red hair and in the yellow flame-like images under the arches. The purchase made us very happy and was a welcome distraction from having arrived from Rome the night before without our luggage! (A good thing I had a lipstick in my handbag – that was about it, given we were only flying from Rome. Who thought to pack some knickers just in case! I always do for other inter-Europe flights).

It doesn’t matter now because the luggage did arrive an hour or so before the opera so we got to dress up and off we went! It turned out to be one of the highlights of the 4-week adventure.

This photo for me says it all, and together with my travel diaries always makes for wonderful memories. From an art teacher’s perspective, it is also quite interesting in design elements and principles, colour, shape, texture and composition, all because I’m not so great at taking selfies. Funny.

Aida -travel diary

Thanks for reading 🙂


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10 thoughts on “How many words does a selfie say?

  1. If I was assessing I would give you A+ for your #edublogsclub challenge task of writing a post with an image. Well done and certainly entertaining.

  2. Hi there! In your post you wrote that the selfie captures everything about the moment. That got me thinking about the following: the picture inserted clearly has some filters applied, but jet it is a powerful tool for representing the reality of that moment. How truthful is an image to represent some event? This question led me to the National Geographic photo guidelines website: they are admitting the use of filters now. As Nat Geo being one of the most truthful organizations to produce documentary images, there is no more doubts about the impact of digitalization in the perception of reality.
    I am also part of the #edublogsclub challenge this year. Here is the link to my latest post, if you would like to visit it:

    • Hi Anselmo,
      I have been reading your contributions, in fact, I have right now got your leadership post on my tab to read later. Thanks for taking the time to read and comment. I agree and often filter my own images even just to create more interesting effects. The ways of modern technology – beats hours in the dark room like I used to do in uni. 🙂

  3. Hi Jo

    You always make me laugh! I’ve banned my hubby from taking the photos as he takes bad selfies and bad photos of me. My own selfies aren’t too bad because I’ve had to improve my skills thanks to his lack of skills.

    My luggage missed the connecting flight the first time I flew to USA so now I always have a change of clothes in my hand luggage on long flights. Where possible on our Australian flights I have everything in carry on so I walk off the plane with a back pack!


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