Musing_02_What is it I really want to find out?

Cartoon-of-person-at-computerAfter this week’s meeting with my supervisors I am left with many questions and ideas buzzing around in my head. I have been grappling with the actual focus of what my research will be about – EXACTLY. Its working title: “The nature of the relationship between the triad: Teachers, teacher aides and special needs students” is, I admit, quite broad and lends itself to collecting data in a number of methods including case study, phenomenological methodology, even ethnography. Case study research could encompass many combinations itself. There is opportunity to conduct multiple case studies given the nature of the research into a number of schools – you can read about my initial idea here – but what I didn’t think of is the fact that I would need to distinguish ‘what’ the case study might be. Is the case the triad within each school? The schools themselves-  and how much work will that be? The phenomenon – which is?

What? What will be the focus?

Then there is the question of defining exactly what it is I am referring to when I think of communication and relationship? To me they don’t seem to be things that can be separated in this instance.

Are they the same?

If not, then how are they different?

Can one exist without the other?

Does communication lead to ‘better’ relationships and how does one define ‘better’?

The question remains: What do I want to find out – EXACTLY?

You’ll be happy to know that while there are still many questions and thoughts fighting inside my head – I can hear them now, I spent most of the day working on responses and making a few decisions … Stay tuned.

Thanks for reading 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Musing_02_What is it I really want to find out?

  1. I am sure it will all come together soon.
    At least you have the sense to write your questions in a blog, rather than lying awake at 4:00am trying to toss it all around. Unless you turn on the light and write it all down, you will have forgotten it by the time the alarm goes. That is perhaps the most notable thing about retirement. It doesn’t go away all together, but certainly one can relax more.

  2. Thanks Louise,
    I’m hoping they’ll buy my idea for what it is I actually want to do – it’s a bit different so I’m too scared to tell them just yet. I’m sitting on it for a few days before reviewing and revealing it. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment. I can always rely on you! 🙂

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