I know I promised, but I just finished reading this book…

blizzardlinesBlizzard Lines by Dr. Tim Hawkes (Headmaster at The King’s School)

I recommend it to all young men and their parents. The story follows a father and son(s) relationship from two different worlds. The father is working in Antarctica while his biological son lives in Sydney. John (the son) has a mate named Ben who gains just as much from Peter’s (the dad) messages and advise via email after John gets into terrible trouble for sexting. It brings to the fore the importance of relationships and “describes the getting of wisdom and the growth of understanding.” The dad also gets a lot of help in raising these young boys to men from his own father, JJ, his brother Geoff, and the people he lives and works with in the icy wilderness. They all play a role in these boys’ lives.

The novel is the English text for all Yr 10 boys at The King’s School as part of the Boys to Men Program.

Order a copy for your teenage son today – click here for details – and NO I’m not getting any kick backs from sales – just thought it was a good book for parents and teens.

I promise to post that review of Craig Smith’s demonstration session – “Learning from Autistic Children in Supporting Boys to Really Learn” next. 🙂

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